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Welcome to PINYC

Professionisti Italiani New York City

PINYC (a.k.a. PIN) is a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers of NYC and the surrounding areas of NY, NJ, and CT who wish to organize, promote and participate in networking opportunities, both social and professional.

The Tri-State area possesses a flourishing Italian community, whose constituents utilize the qualities and skills they bring from Italy to achieve success in the local social and business environment.

PINYC members are committed to bring their contribution to enhance the dynamic network of Italian professionals who live in the Tri-State area, create new relationships with Italy, and strengthen the already existing ones

We are proud of our heritage and our diversities; however PINYC is a nonpolitical, nonreligious, and nonracial association.

Our Mission:

* Connect Italian professionals in and around the Tri-State area

* Facilitate collaboration among members

* Connect professionals from Italy with Italian and international counterparts in and around the Tri-State

* Organize cultural events relevant to the Italian community in the Tri-State area.

* Promote Italian heritage in the Tri-State area.